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A well-designed website should take all the information you'd like to provide your customers, and lay it out in an easy to access, visually interesting format. 


I believe small business owners have great vision for where they want their business to go, and may not necessarily have the time or the design skills to see it through. 

The benefits of using a graphic designer to create your website, rather than trying to do it all yourself, are:

  • Extensive knowledge of best web practices

  • Great graphic design skills for banners and photo editing

  • Accuracy and experience for best flow and layout

  • Efficiency and timeliness

  • Tying together your vision with the expectations of your market

For website building, I use a drag-and-drop building platform such as and build all websites from a blank canvas (no template). The reason I use this instead of a pre-purchased template from, say, Wordpress, is simply that it's easier to use and less code-dependent. Other great reasons are:

  • You don't need a 3rd party domain host / backup storage

  • You can update the website yourself whenever you want (without having to pay a designer or web developer)

  • You can change the styling of the website however you like, really easily

  • There are many more integrating apps

  • They are in charge of upgrading software, staying up to date with virus and hacker protection

  • You don't get 'locked in' with one web developer who then won't release your files, domain or email control.

I also believe that as the business owner, you need to retain ownership and control of your website. So, accounts and domains are put in your name, and recurring payments are sent to you direct. 

I would love to collaborate with you on creating a website design that really reflects who you are and what you can offer to your core customers. Get in contact with me, and we can discuss your requirements. Projects are always quoted on before work starts, and are billed over several smaller instalments.

Speak to me to find out what best suits you and your business, and receive a custom quote:


We engaged Jules from Smart Coconut to design our
very first website for our Community Kindergarten.

We are so happy with the final result which is exactly
what we wanted. Jules captured the whole feel and
look of our kindergarten beautifully.

Michele Hoskins
Mermaid Waters Community Kindergarten

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