Timeline of Art

little house.jpg

The First Little House

Pen on paper

~Age 6

One of my first pictures from the archives. I loved drawing houses then, and still do now. Although I don't put in love heart clouds anymore. Maybe they should make a return?

Maze of Mackerel and Mussels

Watercolour pencil on paper

~Age 15, GCSE artwork

Balancing detail with abstract shapes - while everyone else was choosing pop art... My art teacher didn't inspire me to continue to do A-Level art. I was deeply fascinated with science, the stars and was very curious, and felt the only way forward was through the sciences (misunderstanding that you can also learn about these things through art, too).

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 11.04.16

The American Star

Watercolour on paper


I was probably producing one watercolour picture a year as I concentrated on my science subjects. So, when I painted, it was super detailed and usually an accurate depiction of the photo I took.

THAT Red Cayman

Oil on paper (palette knife)


I was starting to experiment with different techniques in abstraction at this point. I enjoyed the sculptural feel of pulling the paint over the paper.


View From The Hill

Oil on canvas


This was one of the first paintings in the 'little house' series, where I would paint a small house in a large landscape. Inspired by the amazingly big skies in South Australia, they seemed quite fitting of the feeling of space there. They were also my first paintings in oil. I sold these in the Victor Harbor Art Show (and after) under my painting name of Pitchoune.

100 Day Project

Business Cards


From the moment I was pregnant in 2012, I seemed to stop painting. I had previously been using oils and found I didn't want to paint with the fumes (and didn't have the time or space) to do so. I carried on doing my graphic design work during this time, and tried to ignore the growing unease in me. It was only when I started my instagram account and saw that I was following more illustrators than graphic designers that I knew I was missing an element in my creative life. It further compounded this feeling, when I did the 100 day project with the aim of graphic designing business cards, and found that I was painting designs on them instead, That was so much fun! I then knew I had to get back into my painting. 


Hidden Water (100 day project of landscapes)

Acrylic on watercolour paper


Another 100 day project idea, these paintings were inspired by linocut images and my renewed fascination with the local surroundings. Every time I went for a run I was trying to memorise the shapes I saw, the tangle of branches and the twist of leaves. These paintings proved popular and have inspired a lot of my more recent artworks.

The Big Picture

An experiment in cultural cartography


After doing the 100 day project of landscapes (and only reaching day 50), I realised that something was missing from my art practice. Although I loved creating landscapes, the reason I was making them was to capture a feeling, rather than just another landscape. I embarked on a journey of why (thanks Simon Sinek), and how to make things better by making better things (thanks Seth Godin). It was on this year-long journey of reading all sorts of books about creativity, marketing, purpose and neuroscience that I decided to make this 'map' of how all these topics interrelate with each other. I'm still working on this, but hope to get it finished and out there soon - who knows, maybe someone else might find it useful like me?

Under The Starry Sky.png


Where The Wild Things Grow


A collection of paintings exploring the beautiful shapes and patterns found in the coastal shrubland on the Sunshine Coast. Exploring how certain locations and parts of the scenery capture attention and evoke emotion.