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Artist Profile: Jon Klassen

As a mum of two very keen picture book readers, and as a keen picture book reader myself, I've recently come across the work of Jon Klassen. He's brought out a series of books that are truly exciting and revolutionary (in my opinion!). I read a lot of picture books with my kids, and there are some that you read begrudgingly at bedtime, because the kids like it, but secretly you'd rather hide the books than have to read them a second time.

However, these (relatively) new books from Jon Klassen have so much tension between the words and the pictures, that they make full use of the picture book medium. In effect, the words say one thing, while the pictures tell an exciting and interesting alternative plot.

Even if you don't have kids, it's well worth reading these two books, for the plot twists at the end and the suspense Jon Klassen has managed to create throughout.

Excerpt from the book by Jon Klassen
"I want my hat back" by Jon Klassen

Image taken from the book by Jon Klassen
"The rock from the sky" Jon Klassen

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