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Changemaker Profile: George Clarke

MISSION: Creating decent homes for those who can't afford it themselves

As Seth Godin would say, we need to be "making things better, by making better things". I want to highlight some of the key people that are forging a path themselves, beating down the overgrown, outdated ideologies, and stepping forward on the path to change.

Every journey starts with a single step, and I think if enough of us decide to take that step in the right direction, then our world stands a much better chance of becoming what we want it to be: better, safer, smarter, fairer.

The industrial revolution has led us to feel apathetic about the future, relying on top management to get things right and implement decent strategies. We are currently excellent sheep, waiting for the next command. However, once these big corporate machines have eeked into motion, it can be hard for them to change their course. This is why it's great to see the individuals take a stand and suggest better ways to do things.

One of those people is TV architect George Clarke. He is currently petitioning the UK Government to provide 100,000 council homes each year for 30 years. And, what I like about this idea, is that he doesn't want them to be ill-thought out boxes that will be a blight on the landscape. He's got interesting suggestions for how to make them inclusive and affordable without tainting them with the undesirable brush.

For more information on what it's all about, check out this article from the Architect's Journal and the podcast that I initially heard this through: Architecture Academy: S2EP. 1 - GEORGE CLARKE - Politics, Housing, TV

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