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Have you asked yourself these probing questions?

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Interesting questions from Amber Rae

I was listening to a podcast today with Amber Rae (whose book "Choose wonder over worry" is really great, if, like me, you'd rather spend your time wondering than worrying).

She spoke about these five questions that she'd asked hundreds of people as part of her art studies. What she found was that a lot of people hadn't delved deep on these points - but when they did, they found it really quite revealing.

Ok, let's face it, some people are more averse to a bit of probing than others, particularly when it comes to questions. But if you're not shy, you too might find some benefit.

The statements are:

1) Love is...

2) Freedom is...

3) I'm grateful for...

4) I want to live in a world where...

5) I'm afraid of...

I'm hoping that by answering these, I can find a deeper purpose for the art that I make, and what it is that I'm trying to make better in the world. Have you deep-dived on these questions? Did they give you any revelations?

(Ps: I'm off to do mine now!)

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