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If you were a bird, what would your nest be like?

bird in a coconut nest
What would your nest say about you?

I love asking these kinds of questions. The kind that really get to the heart of what makes you you, why you do things, and how to be more aware of what you really care about.

If you were a bird, what would your nest be like? And what would that say about you? How would you craft it to suit your needs?

Each breed of bird is very different from the other, and the resulting nests they make are different too. They make different shaped nests, they use different materials, different places and spaces. Some like a normal nest of twigs and mud, and others like shiny things and unusual objects (some birds like stolen underwear or plastic bags in their nest!).

Nests are designed to shelter and protect - some better than others. Birds work with their natural surroundings and their 'tastes' and habits develop over the course of their lifetime, tweaking what works. They get better at building a nest, and studies have shown that this is a learned skill.

I find this very similar to how humans build their own 'nests' - what houses people are drawn to, what they decorate their house like, and what art they put on the walls (if any!).

When I look at art for my home, I am drawn to artworks that I think represent me, or would create a certain mood in my home that would make me happy, calm and welcoming. I know that this isn't the case for everyone, as there are many, many different types of artworks that people buy for their homes. Sometimes, artworks are bought as a statement piece - they spark conversation, or create impact. Sometimes people by art to match their couch, which is fine too. To me, no matter what your reason is for putting art in your home, what I find fascinating is what you choose and why you choose it.

Often times we're not sure why we are drawn to certain things. They appeal to us for varying reasons, not all of which can be summed up in one overarching theme. They might remind us of a distant memory, a feeling, or provoke certain thoughts. They might have been a gift (in which case they may end up in the spare bedroom or toilet), or you may have bought it because it was the cheapest way to add a bit of colour to your room.

If I was a bird, I'd imagine that my nest would probably be quite traditional looking from the outside (twigs and mud), with lots of fun, soft, patterned fabrics on the inside. I'd probably build it high up in a tree to get a good view of my surroundings, and probably give it a roof!

What would your nest be like? Or would you be like a cuckoo, and just use someone else's?

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