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Looking for Patterns Emerging

Patterns. They're everywhere. From wallpaper, to clothing, to bags, to wrapping paper, and everything inbetween. Different patterns seem to evoke different feelings and be suited to different settings.

William Morris's wallpaper looks amazing in Victorian/Edwardian/Georgian houses, where there are many details already within the building's own design. It speaks of elegance and intricacies. It says old-school traditions, and expensive.

More geometric patterns are great for younger audiences - spots, stripes, stars, etc. They feel more youthful, modern and playful. They're simpler and can feel more joyful.

I especially like it when jackets, or bags, (or anything for that matter) has a detailed pattern for its inside lining. The slightest suggestion that there is more going on under the surface than first meets the eye. Some different coloured stitching, or a more bespoke button or clasp. These are things that suggest someone has put more effort and time into what they're doing.

I also like this effect in paintings, and am currently trying to figure out ways to include it in my own paintings. The detailed pattern juxtaposed with the simpler bolder shapes. A dash of colour that's unexpected. Capturing a detail, a thought or a time that may otherwise get overlooked.

These are things that interest me. These are things I want to include in my paintings.

The question is - how can you suggest depth and hidden surprises in a two-dimensional object?

Jessica Nielsen patterns

William Morris wallpaper - Strawberry Thief

Monika Forsberg fabric pattern

Caroline Gardner pencil case

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