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Moonlight Sonata, as played by the Moon

Ever wondered what would happen if you bounced a song off the moon?

The artist Katie Paterson did, and decided to translate Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata into morse code before sending it off into space as radio waves. This bounced off the moon, and was returned as an altered signal (due to bouncing off moon craters, and such). The received morse code was then translated back into music.

The altered version of Moonlight Sonata is hauntingly beautiful, with its altered rhythm and pauses. Some might say that the moon has added in its own bits of space... ((bad) pun intended).

She created an art installation where the music was played through a grand piano, with the piano playing the music on its own, as if the moon where doing it.(I wonder if I would have given this as much attention if I had seen this piece played by the piano first, rather than hearing the music through headphones privately.)

I heard this version played on a podcast and found it so interesting, I thought I would tell you about it. Visit Katie's webpage here to listen to the altered version.

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