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Test Match vs 20:20

I'm coming to the slow realisation that I need to view my working endeavours more as a Test Match of cricket, rather than a 20:20 slog-it-out-of-the-park type of cricket. Consistency and showing up, day in, day out, regardless of mood or inspiration seems to be recurring themes I hear from entrepreneurs and other successful creatives. Things I struggle with.

For someone like me who has always relied on (and been praised for) that flash of insight and blow-their-socks-off output (albeit not consistently or predictably), this is a hard one for me to get my head round.

Do you have to let go of some of the intensity and brilliance in order to have consistency? Does playing each ball as it comes, and batting things away consistently work for everyone? Can you turn from a 20:20 player into a Test Match genius, or are they just different specialities for different people?

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