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The Grass Is Greener // Artist's Thoughts

Beautiful painting a house on a river, hanging on a wall
Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?

There's a certain spot on Noosa River where I always photograph the same house, whenever I see it. It has the sun shining on it, it covers a double block of expertly manicured lawns, and has a wonderful reflection in the water.

I also realised that reflections in water are much clearer on calm days, and if my practicing meditation has taught me anything, it's a similar story with ourselves. It's much easier to reflect on who we are and what we're doing when our minds are calm and not in constant turmoil.

I called this painting "The Grass is Greener", to remind myself that although I love looking at this house so much that I covet living in it, I realise that if I were to live in it, I wouldn't get to look at it anymore, and therefore not get the enjoyment I currently do.


"The Grass Is Greener"

Acrylic on canvas

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