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The World's Smallest Gallery... Your Toilet

Bathroom with artworks and a smoking lady
What artworks adorn your toilet walls? Photo by JESSE LEAKE on Unsplash

I've always found it interesting to see what artworks people decide should be hung in their bathrooms and toilets.

Is it longer text-based poems or quotes to help while away the time? Is it something more controversial that may polarise people if placed in the lounge? Is it something a bit cheeky? Or you just ran out of space somewhere else? Are they smaller images that need a longer observation time?

Take a look next time you visit someone's house, or even in your own house, and think about the pictures that have been chosen for display in the toilet. What special meaning do they have (if any!)?

And what about those poor souls, who are left adrift and abandonned in a toilet where there are no comforting or humorous images...

Too Much Information Alert!

Did you know... Most mammals take about 12 seconds to defecate (read original article from New Scientist here). If it's taking you any longer than that, either you're having a wonderful time perusing the artworks on display, reading a book, or you may need to introduce more fibre and water into your diet.

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