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What details are you missing?

For some people (like me), getting older means smaller things become harder to see and read. I dont wear glasses, but this gradual reduction in things I can visually process was made very clear to me when my son showed me his Pokémon card with tiny writing, that he could easily read and I could barely make out. (To be fair to me, the font size was criminally small in design terms, probably around the 2pt mark. It was also dark, I was tired...). [insert other excuse here]

Anyway, it got me thinking about all the things I won’t be noticing any more, because they’re just too small. Perhaps the tiny parts of a flower, or the fine print on an important document. A little ant crawling along a leaf, or a tiny caterpillar on a book. Incendentally, I did see the caterpillar, although he made himself obvious by moving and kindly showing himself against a plain white background.

I wonder if it would be worth doing some paintings of all the small things I can currently see.

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