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"Alchemy" - FINALIST for NEAP 2022

NEAP = National Emerging Art Prize 2022 // website:


I am pleased to announce that "Alchemy" has been shortlisted as a finalist in the NEAP (National Emerging Art Prize) 2022!

So why's it not on the website now?

The announcement is a little bittersweet as I had sold this painting not long before (thinking it wouldn't get to the finals - doh!), which now means it's out of the running for the win. (And sadly has also been removed from their finalists page).

Still, it's a huge achievement for me, and I'm celebrating it anyway, and chalking the potential loss as experience.

The description

Julie’s paintings explore moments in time that are both quietly meditative and full of hope. Using layers of fluid acrylics, she loves to use light and shadow to give depth to her work. Julie contrasts the friendly familiar shapes of homely buildings, with the wilder natural shapes of trees and plants. Her hope is to recreate the feeling of safety and connection she gets with the landscape, and nature more broadly, when it has been partly tamed through its interactions with human design. Wild unkempt jungles feel accepting and welcoming when nestled together with considered landscaping and familiar objects. These places become sanctuaries from the modern world; places of deeper connection, without the fear or despair, that might come with more densely populated urban environments.

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