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Artist Profile: Lola Donoghue

Lola Donoghue is an abstract artist from Ireland, whose work is dreamy and beautiful. I have one of her large prints framed at home, which I look at every day and marvel at her colour choices, composition and lovely brushstrokes.

abstract painting with pattern
Lola Donoghue "Emerald Bud iv" - I love the bold pattern with the red circle

I find her work sits almost in the opposite camp to my own, and I aspire to paint as freely and organically as her.

Where I go for defined structural forms based on what I see, with bold shapes and imposing colours, her paintings tend imbue a gentleness and lightness of touch. I really enjoy trying to see what the picture is meant to be of - almost like a Rorschach ink blot test.

I wonder if a lot of the works of art I really admire, are ones that I seem to echo a feeling within me - they capture a mood, a feeling. I find it so interesting how different things attract our attention, and what it is about them that can make us feel or think differently.

abstract painting
Lola Donoghue "French Fancy" - so many subtle colours and pops of brightness.

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