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Artist's Thoughts /// Inspiration for Golden Penda

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Painting on the wall with vase and still life set up on table
"Golden Pemba" 30x30"

When I was asked by Greenhouse Interiors if I wanted to create a small selection of artworks for them, I nearly fell off my seat! GI are an incredible styling company that has impeccable taste and a penchant for bright original artworks.

Knowing that Julia Green, the owner, had particularly liked the more shape-based work that I had created before, I decided to make the six artworks in this more design-based style, accentuating shape and colour.

I obviously wanted to incorporate the classic Queenslander shape that I love so much, but didn't want to go all out with the palm trees, Instead, I took inspiration from the flowering golden penda trees that come out in full force all at once on the Sunshine Coast (I forget which month it is...). Its bright golden yellow would really brighten up a room and would give me a chance to try out some complementary colour pairings, such as the yellow/purple.

A risk? Perhaps... but what is art, if not a vehicle to experiment and explore?

If you're interested in seeing the rest of the collection, visit the website here.

A bright yellow tree with weatherboard house and palm tree
Golden Penda in full bloom

NOTE: I initially thought this tree was called a Golden Pemba, and have named the painting in that belief... luckily I've since been told that I was close, but no cigar, and it's actual name is Golden Penda. I've corrected it in this post, but the painting remains with its original name!!

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