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Jungalow Escape // artist's thoughts

// Jungalow Escape

// acrylic on canvas // 40x40" // 2020

// gallery-quality stretcher bars // fine quality Wright & Co polycotton canvas


This large painting, Jungalow Escape, started its life as a smaller study during my 100 Day Project: Tropical Houses. I wanted to create the feeling of being secluded and surrounded by nature, but without the threatening aspect of mosquitoes, poisonous creatures, or feeling lost. A home amongst the jungle suggests that the wilderness has been tamed enough for a human to call it home, and a swimming pool suggests luxury and the finer things in life.


Far from being a hut on a forgotten island, Jungalow Escape is the kind of place you'd be happy to holiday for a while in, relaxing, feeling protected. You'd imagine the inside of the house has been well cared for, and that there would be interesting items to see. The weather is nice and bright, the plants are plentiful but not encroaching... I wanted this painting to feel like you could dive right in the pool, and feel safe enough to rest a while.

Colour choices

Teal and turquoise waters, and towering palm trees, all give a tropical vibe we often find here in Queensland. I included splashes of coral to lift the painting, making it feel joyful, youthful and contemporary (things that weren't included on the original study). The white edging to the pool holds back the greenery, and creates a nice little breathing space between the extensiveness of plants, and the clean, refreshing water.

Closed door

On my Instagram, I did show an alternative digital version of the house which had the door open and a chair out the front. Ultimately, I decided not to go with that friendlier version, prefering the mysteriousness of the one with the closed door. This location is for the viewer to explore, without Goldilocks already having visited.

Final touches

For the large canvas version, I opted to finish the pool with a gloss UV varnish on top, helping to give that watery feeling. The rest of the painting has a much more matte finish to it.


Often houses on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, are obscured by foliage and dense planting. You rarely get to see a house in all its splendour. I quite like the interplay between the strong white lines of a human-built home, and the curves and variation of shapes of nature.

Available for sale. Due to be exhibited with Montville Gallery, Montville, QLD in 2021. Please email me for details.


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