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Lily’s Tropical Hideaway /// artist’s thoughts

Lily pond painting with foliage and architecture
“Lily’s tropical hideaway” painting by Julie Lucht de Freibruch

I’ve long been a fan of tropical architecture, with the sloping eaves, the breezeways, and cooling ponds in courtyards. With this painting I wanted to recreate the beauty of the lily pads in these interior courtyards, where the dark cool water contrasts against the whiteness of the tiles.

Almost Bali-esque, there’s a lushness to the foliage and, although there are a lot of bold architectural masculine elements, i felt the lily’s themselves softened the mood and helped create a spa-like feel.

This particular painting reminds me of wonderful resort holidays we would have in Port Douglas, and I hope it imparts that feel to the viewer.


30x30” (76.2cm x 76.2cm)

acrylic on canvas

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