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"Tree Amigos" // Artist's Thoughts

A weatherboard small home set amongst lush tropical foliage
"Tree Amigos" // acrylic on canvas

Little wooden churches, nestled in tropical landscapes. These buildings are so beautiful, friendly and perfectly formed, they capture my imagination whenever I see one. This one in particular, is based on St Mary's church in Port Douglas. I often wonder to myself what it would be like to live in one of these little buildings, or even have my art studio there.

In this painting, I wanted to emphasise that feeling of high ceilings, and the enormity of sky that you feel when looking up, contemplating life. I've also added some beautiful planting, and some stripey graphic patterns to help make it feel contemporary and youthful.

I wanted this painting to have a hopeful, uplifting feel, and am rather pleased with how it turned out. It was the first time I've used an absorbent ground for building up the texture in the background, and feel it's created a misty ethereal mood.

I chose the title "Tree Amigos", as a play on the phrase three amigos, referring to the three trees in the foreground. It may be a house that looks fairly remote, but overall I would hope it would be a place of enjoyment, friendships and community.


"Tree Amigos"

Acrylic on canvas

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