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Noosa's Magic // artist's thoughts

// Noosa Magic

// acrylic on canvas // 36x36" // 2020

// gallery-quality stretcher bars // fine quality Wright & Co polycotton canvas


Based on one of my smaller study paintings from the 100 Day Project: Tropical Houses, this large canvas is about the magical feeling you get at sun down in Noosa, Queensland, when all the fairy lights that are wrapped round the trees are on, and the stars are just starting to come out.


Twinkly lights, gentle seas and a welcoming home where you can relax and watch the stars. This painting is an expression wonder at our overall place within the world and the universe. How we can craft a small corner of an untamed world, within an enormous galaxy, and make it feel safe and homely is truly amazing.

Colour choices

Blue and blacks help give the feeling of nighttime, while contrasting against the warmer yellow light from the house and its light-filled garden. I used the twinkling yellow on the sea to help direct the eye up towards the house, and to provide a feeling of energy and joy.

Paper study vs Large canvas

The original study for this painting was made on watercolour paper, and had a lot of texture and granulation through it. I tried to recreate as much of this hazy magical feel in the main painting, with many layers through the clouds. There is an intimacy the smaller painting still keeps compared to the larger one, and they both have very interesting properties compared to each other.


I like the picture book quality of this painting, feeling like it is part of a larger narrative. I love how mystical it feels, and captures part of my fascination with Space combined with the need to make a safe haven,

Available for sale. Due to be exhibited with Montville Gallery, Montville, QLD in 2021. Please email me for details.

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